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The next industrial revolution

The first industrial revolution began with the first steam engines and continued with electric motors. The second one was brought about by the computer revolution. Both improved productivity significantly.

The next wave comes about as industrial machinery and equipment become intelligent and aware of their own condition. They become capable of communicating their condition to each other and to different services . This capability yields valuable information in the form of Big data, which correctly utilized transforms in to business benefits.

We are now at a turning point, where many technologies have become cost-effective for the mass market. Apart from the declined prices of sensors, the cost of data transfer technology has dropped to a fraction of what it was before.

Improved safety and productivity through automation are only the beginning. New innovations bring new business benefits and can even lead to a birth of totally new industries. With the help of industrial internet we can also significantly reduce the losses of raw materials and natural resources which occur in industrial processes.

We believe in exploring the potential of industrial internet together. Discussing and debating with like-minded and inspired people.

This is Industrial Internet Now. An online forum on the future of material handling – From smart technologies to the future of work.

Join the next industrial revolution.

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