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IoT spending 2017-2020: Internet of Things industry drivers and investments

According to i-Scoop, manufacturing, transportation and utilities are the industries “poised to invest the most in IoT until 2020”. Though currently we are seeing a lot of investments in Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT), it is expected that by 2020 Read more

Making the shift from smart factories to living services

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming the way manufacturers approach matters such as resource allocation, production processes and the workforce. In time, companies will gain even more benefits from the highly automated, end-to-end production integration of intelligent products Read more

A wider view gives more accurate results

Taking a step back and analyzing processes from a larger perspective might take you to surprising places, such as a dinner table in a Chinese household, says Petri Asikainen, Director, Product Development at Konecranes. According to Asikainen, to get the Read more

Industry 4.0 could move mass customization into the automotive mainstream

Customization, regardless of the product, is always a strong selling point. When introducing the modern Mini, BMW liberalized their customer’s decision-making by offering “hundreds of options to choose from both inside and outside the car,” says Eugene Smethurst, Director and Read more

The Industrial Internet Security Framework: A security framework built on cooperation

Global collaboration is essential to protect the industrial internet. “Attacks to industrial sites will not be a local affair in the industrial internet, but an international one,” says Dr. Jesus Molina, Security Consultant at Fujitsu, on the Industrial Internet Consortium Read more

How to Hack a Port

How to develop digital solutions in a port environment, where things happen fast, and many actors must operate together seamlessly? This is the challenge Konecranes presented to developers at Maritime Hack organized on November 26 and 27 in Helsinki. The Read more

The business viewpoint of securing the Industrial Internet

According to Daniela Previtali, Global Marketing Director, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, the tone of the many discussions about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) varies widely from one viewpoint of unbridled optimism about the seemingly endless possibilities to another filled with apocalyptic Read more

Predictive Maintenance Part 1 of 5: Predictive maintenance in the automotive industry

Predictive maintenance is a hot buzzword in the automotive industry, but what does it take to implement it and what are its benefits? Ken Elliott, Global Director of Analytics within Enterprise Services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, explores these questions on Read more

IoT: Meeting manufacturing’s next-generation challenges and opportunities

According to Rajaram Radhakrishnan, Vice President and Head of Manufacturing and Logistics, and Prasad Satyavolu, Head of Innovation for Manufacturing and Logistics, both at Cognizant, meeting consumer demands for personalization, increasing productivity despite the skills shortage and generating new revenue Read more

Shippers setting sail via Internet of (Floating) Things

According to Donal Power, contributing writer at ReadWrite, “No place on land or sea is safe from being connected. And now it seems the marine industry is at last diving into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with both feet.” Technology Read more