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Managing change in the connected workplace

The move to the digital world has allowed us to create new value inside the workplace, but adopting the IoT on a wider scale poses a few challenges. Alexander Reay, Chief Digital Officer at Sodash and President of the Nordic Read more

Five steps to digital innovation

First you need to map and prioritize the needs of your organization. Technology comes in second. Ideas arise from inspiration and interaction, but need to be ranked and properly tested before implementation. Marko Yli-Pietilä, the Business Development Director and Managing Read more

New professions develop with new business opportunities

The role of the worker in an industrial environment is changing at a rapid pace. There is a large array of new requirements and skillsets that the modern industrial workforce has to adopt to, in order be able to orient Read more

Production workers of the future move from manual to digital

One of the notable trends in heavy industries has been the move towards digitalization. This has an inevitable effect on the roles of current industrial production and maintenance workers. The change brings about questions regarding company core activities and responsibilities, Read more

Creating new business opportunities means finding the lines that connect the dots

For OEM’s, with Industrial Internet comes the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by shifting their focus from developing features to identifying completely new service models. According to Alexander Damisch, Senior Director, Business Transformation at Wind River, coping in the Read more

Equip, utilize, make it actionable – steps to realizing the Industrial Internet

Data doesn’t lie, according to Harvey Shovers, the President of MSI Data. In baseball, for instance, it’s a commonly known fact that all of the teams today analyze huge amounts of data that is produced on the field. In 2013, Read more

The most read articles of Industrial Internet Now in 2015

The past year has brought numerous new advancements in the field of the industrial internet, and also sparked a great deal of thought-provoking discussion and articles. Some of the most discussed topics this year include those relating to hackathons, leadership Read more

Industry of Things World: Collaboration is the key in Industrial Internet

Industry of Things World 2015 brought together leading industry innovators in an event that is destined to shape the future of the Industrial Internet More than 700 attendees participated in the conference, which took place at the Berlin Congress Center Read more

IoT represents the breaking down of silos – but not without open source thinking

“Open source’s influence extends far beyond sharing code,” writes Gordon Haff in his Open Source article. According to him, open source thinking is needed if we want to improve and fasten the adoption of IoT solutions. In addition to this, Read more

When worlds collide, innovations are born

Jarkko Vesa, Founder & CEO of management consulting company Not Innovated Here, has had the opportunity to get thoroughly acquainted with the possibilities that the industrial internet brings in different industries. As the technology enabling the required connectivity and data Read more