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Why collaboration, not competition, is key in a hyperconnected world

Similar to the internet in its early stages, IoT will need to secure a safe and standardized collective environment in which to operate. According to Iain Groves, Solution Owner at Fujitsu UK & Ireland, “communications protocols and service quality definitions are needed to ensure the development of the highly heterogeneous and open environment required.” Due to the nature of the IoT, this environment will represent something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Thus, “a new, dynamic form of network management will be the only effective approach for the IoT,” writes Groves.

IoT undoubtedly presents significant opportunities both for large manufacturers and consumers alike. However, a balance must be struck between collaboration and competition in order for those opportunities to be realized. It is only then, Groves notes, that “we can ensure that the IoT reaches its full potential – and works for everyone.”

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